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  • indiawilds IndiaWilds® Vision:
    IndiaWilds® has been conceived to raise awareness about the perilous state of Wild India through wildlife photography, conservation articles, nature documentary films, discussion forums and empowering people with facts and knowledge to raise their voice towards preservation of Wild India.

    The articles, wildlife photography, films and personal experiences will also help in increasing our understanding of animal behavior, explaining the complex web of ecological relationships between various organisms big and small and the need to preserve the entire ecosystem, not just cherry pick an individual species and save it.

    IndiaWilds™ believes in the power of wildlife photography and documentary films to document, educate and motivate people into taking action to preserve India's wildlife and wilderness areas.

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Newsletters »

Wild India Newsletter Vol 13 Issue VIII

IndiaWilds Newsletter Vol.13 Issue VIII

The team of researchers, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), poured over 14000 scientific papers over eight years to arrive at this path breaking Sixth comprehensive assessment report (AR6). The Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report is the most up-to-date physical understanding of the climate system...   read more »

Equipment Reviews »

IndiaWilds Photography Equipment review

Canon XF605 4K UHD Professional Camcorder

The new XF-series professional camcorder comes equipped with a 1.0-inch CMOS sensor and the ability to record 4K/60p/4:2:2/10-bit/HDR video to dual on-board SD card slots. The XF605 is equipped with Canon's renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF1, and achieves high-speed and high-accuracy in focusing.   read more »


Wildlife Photography

Canon EOS R5 + Atomos Ninja V+ now record 8K ProRes Raw

Earlier this year Atmos had announced that Ninja V+ monitor recorder will be able to record 8K ProRes Raw from Canon EOS R5. Now the firmware upgrade is available and one can start shooting in 8K ProRes Raw at 8K 30fps. The ProRes Raw will give greater flexibility in post production than the existing Canon Raw lite codec. One can easily change the White balance and ISO in postproduction. This promises to be very helpful in reducing the overheating issue faced by Canon EOS R5...  read more »

Conservation Articles »

Conservation Article

Gir National Park: The only abode of Asiatic Lions

Gir National Park, also known as Sasan Gir, was established in 1965, with a total area of 1,412 km2, of which 258 km2 is fully protected as National park and 1,153 km2 as wildlife sanctuary. It is part of the Kathiawar-Gir dry deciduous forest landscape. It is also well-known as the last abode of the Asiatic lion.   read more »


Making of - Leopards: The Last Stand

Making of - Leopards: The Last Stand

My film "Leopards: The Last Stand", which is in production is an effort to document and highlight the plight of the leopard..  read more »

Book Reviews»

book review

Book Review: The State of Wildlife and Protected Areas in Maharashtra: Edited by Pankaj Sekhsaria

Around 300 news items about various wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves, Tiger reserves and other protected areas of Maharashtra bunched under each protected area provides us a rare glimpse to a chronological evolution of the place..  read more »